Kitchen tour / Present ideas for cooks

We love our kitchen. We chose the house because it has a large kitchen and we definitely need it as we have so many gadgets.

Got a hachoir for chopping herbs?

We probably need a bigger house since we got into all sorts of health foods which extended our gadget collection even further. And you know what – we actually use all this stuff too! Here is a guide to our favourite bits and pieces to use to prepare food because we’re so excited about how much we love to use them we need to share it with the world.

If you know someone who cooks a lot some of these could make great presents too.

Little kitchen wonders

  • We are total converts to recipes that use cup measurements (generally US ones) rather than grams or pounds. So quick and easy to do. We bought a colourful set of plastic measuring cups from Asda for £2 and also measuring spoons.
  • Food nets large and small to keep insects off food when left out.
  • Knives: two you may not have but are really good for their specific jobs is a butter knife and a tomato knife. You’ll need a good knife block for all your knives.
  • A new specialist kitchen addition that we love and use a lot is the olive fork / slatted spoon which is perfect for getting any pickles out of jars.
  • Once you use an apple corer come slicer you will wonder why you never owned one before
  • A heavy duty oven glove that really is designed to stop you burning yourself and is suitably long to get around a large oven dish.
  • Steel mesh ball to collect the fur in your kettle. Not 100% effective but cannot remember last time we needed to descale the kettle so really much better than one might expect.

Devices that give us nices

Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Grill – 24 cm

  • Lurch Spiralo Spiralizer: I still can’t get over how tasty raw sweet potato is if you spiralize it. Replace pasta with spiralised veggies or use to make fancy salads.
  • So many who are in our kitchen and experience our fresh cherries with homemade yoghurt from our Lakeland Yoghurt Maker (UHT goat’s milk and in there for 24 hours to see off all the lactose)  and topped with cacao nibs, get their own Cuisipro Cherry/ Olive Pitter, it must be as fantastic as we think it is. Also good for preparing cherries to mush into a nightcap as it helps insomniacs! Worked for my mother-in-law.
  • Hamburger press is great if you are into idea of homemade burgers or vegetable patties and on that note these pasty moulds are good too.




This Krups coffee grinder really does a decent job in grinding flaxseeds up. Not all grinders do so be warned. We use it for nuts too. Recently Andrew used it to grind gluten free oats into oat flour as he was making cookies and we didn’t have any oat flour in the pantry. Worked a treat. Bit fiddly to clean but apart from that a great buy.

A rice cooker which we use for rice and quinoa. Ours is a Tefal 4 in 1 RK701115 but seems to have been replaced with an 8 in 1 now. We’ve only ever used it in rice cooker mode.

Making your own dairy free milk

We used this clever soy milk maker which also makes other types of milk until we found out about the down sides to soy. The site we bought it from were also our supplier of non GM soya beans and tofu coagulator sachets –
Recipe for soy milk and tips – but we used only 2 tablespoons of oats as otherwise found it too creamy for us. You can buy oats not contaminated with gluten. We have tried almond milk but that separates. Rice milk is okay on cereal although I would not drink it on its own. We did love our homemade fresh soy milk which was so much better tasting than bought stuff but as we avoid soy like the plague now and we bought the BlendTec below (makes almond milk that does not separate) we chose to get rid of the soy milk maker. I’ve left it here because if you cannot be dissuaded from consuming soy it is a fantastic way to have delicious soy milk.

Amazing BlendTec – ultimate power tool

Yes with its amazing horsepower that means I can’t hear the TV at the other end of the house when Andrew has it on in the kitchen (and the neighbours probably think we are drilling into a wall), the BlendTec could blend your iphone into smithereens but we are far more impressed that it handles carrots etc. so that we can juice them and keep some fibre. It makes soups too and scrambled egg. It gets your food hot it is so powerful so if you want it cool add ice cubes! Downside is the ridiculous price. We chose it over the Vitamix which has an equally silly price and it was my gift to Chef Andrew after he was diagnosed with celiac disease and was very down about what the heck he would now eat. A gadget and food always cheer him up. But why didn’t we buy a Vitamix.

Ours is used mainly for wholejuices, smoothies, soups and Andrew’s daily protein shake with the odd raw food recipe. It was a big investment but we use it at least once a day and were totally lost without it when in making ice-cream (reverse engineered ice-cream that is as you blitz frozen fruit with cream and sugar – have made red berries ice cream frappe with great success before in it) we put 3 frozen bananas frozen cut in chunks in straight from the brand new freezer and it blew a hole in the jug.

We upgraded to the larger jug as by now we realised we loved it and made sense to be able to blend larger amounts as we are always showing it off and introducing people to green smoothies when they visit us! We were finding banana in the kitchen months after in the strangest of places but it will blitz your iphone, right? Just make sure it you don’t use any more than half a handful of frozen fruit straight from the freezer! Worth saying we use either 2-3 frozen banana chunks or up to 6 frozen cherries, blueberries or raspberries every day with no issues.

Do not try this in any other kind of blender except a Vitamix. Rather noisy but rather good.