Summary of Food Matters film

For anyone who missed it, film (also have website with a lot of the info in their resources pages) sets out the principles that:
1) we should take responsibility for our own health through the food we consume;
2) the medical profession is absolutely brilliant at many things but lousy at treating disease;
3) not enough emphasis is placed on nutrition as treatment because exercise, meditation and a vegetarian diet for example are free and don’t make the pharmaceutical companies money – and their bucks are what drive the medical profession and their ads pay for the medical journals too!;
4) Japan has the lowest rates of disease and therefore we should look at their diet very closely.
Anyway having some raw organic food in your diet is a jolly good idea so I’m glad we are already playing around with that. Mostly for weight control reasons my breakfast is often a smoothie and lunch is a salad with some protein (cooked) but no carbs. I’ll have to find my sushi gene.
I still think they were taking the broad brush approach and what’s right has to be more tailored to the individual because we are more complex and unique than production line humans. For example a lot of juicing doesn’t agree with me unless I want to look rubbish in my skin and have lots of headaches.

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