Healthy eating to increase body fat percentage

Update: Alas our scales were all wrong. Husband invested in some new fancy ones plus we went to use the machine at Boots to double check and we’re both average body fat. Doh! In the time I felt I could eat more, all that happened was I gained weight. But in case anyone else does have too little body fat I am going to leave the fruits of my research here.


I have been doing some research as I lost weight recently which I wanted to do (hated my muffin top) but boy am I feeling the cold now Winter is well and truly here. I’m kind of missing that extra insulation even if it only liked to attach itself to the lower half of my body making me rather duck like.

Andrew recently read the manual to the bathroom scales and we measured our body fat percentage. It is crazy but his body fat is right at upper end of scale for man of his age yet he’s not really that big at all. He has got love handles he can’t seem to shift. That’s the annoying thing. You cannot spot reduce and if you are slim now all the more reason not to allow yourself to expand, plus there is the extra loose skin too to deal with.

My body fat percentage is now that of an athlete apparently but I really don’t do enough sport to have it that low. It was mentioned to me that too low is really not good for women as you need a certain amount of fat for regular periods/hormonal balance and to avoid osteoporosis.

So this is what I am going to do to try to increase my body fat in a healthy sensible way but not really sure how I stop the muffin top from growing in tandem. Any ideas most welcome? See about page for contact details or there is the facebook page too. Cheese and dairy is not on this list because cheese gives me migraine and too much dairy is not agreeable with me plus really not a great food to eat anyways. I’m going to try to make almond milk with almond butter. I wonder what else I can eat the almond butter with? I find it too dry as a spread unless I put jam on top and that defeats the whole healthy eating gig.

  • Granola with nuts and dried fruit with almond milk topped with banana slices
  • Avocado in smoothie (pear/avocado/apple juice/blueberries) or guacamole
  • Coconut oil in my spinach/banana/cinnamon/vanilla essenceĀ green smoothie
  • Roast veggies after mixing them in a bowl with some vegetable oil (never palm oil as damages natural environments)
  • Drizzle oil on my gluten free pasta
  • Snack on dried fruit and nuts
  • 100% fruit juice but made fresh by juicing or in blender (not too much as can give me headaches as that’s just the way I am wired)
  • Cakes made with veggies, nuts, raisins and experiment with rapeseed oil instead of butter
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