Slimmer healthier husband is looking amazing – fitness and food hospital benefits

My husband just walked in to my office in his pants, ipod in hand, ready to get on the exercise bike and I was really taken by how he looks so so good these days. He looks amazing and not saying that just because he’s my bit of stuff.

The belly and love handles are reduced. In his face he looks so much healthier, more relaxed and happier – almost glowing like a pregnant woman.

Amazing what difference it makes when you decide to concentrate on yourself by exercising and eating healthily. To be fair as a celiac vegetarian he was eating healthily but is now adding some ‘super foods’ to the mix, not eating refined sugar, juicing and not having loads of gluten free products as they are in fact heavily processed.

If you have health issues I urge you to exercise (30 mins a day if you want to lose weight – even walking as fast as you can comfortably manage is fantastic) and switch to a mega healthy diet. The fitness and food hospital is very very powerful! Has really helped me too.

We are now regularly moving our bodies and putting healthy things that are easy to digest into our bodies. In short we are living the life our bodies are designed to. No wonder it’s much more harmonious.

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