How to reduce hot flushes and night sweats

What women can try to beat night sweats or hot flushes. Was just sharing what I know worked for me with a friend who is experiencing a lot of hot flushes.

Time to try some traditional non-pharmaceutical remedies for the menopausal hot flushes but don’t take ‘black cohosh’ as not good for your liver however effective it is. You need a happy liver as it controls oodles of body functions.

Also not too much soy or no soy, unless fermented forms but it is a key ingredient in the menopause cake that works for some so they say. I don’t eat soy at all as it’s a shitty usually genetically modified food that can contribute to many problems. I feel so much better since I cut out soya – no afternoon wall of total exhaustion where I literally had to lie down or fall over, endo pains or running to toilet several times a night. For a decade I had every soy alternative going as I was not good with lactose and as I have had a stupidly long list of gyno problems to keep having ops to remove/treat (was having one every year!) I have to wonder if that is why. Have not needed to go to hopsital for ages now and hope never to. You can read why to avoid soy here – I was so impressed with the change in me I even wrote to my gynaecologist evangelising about it.

Recently I spoke to a lady who eats raw food and is a vegan who had not one symptom of the menopause, sailing through it, but I could not do that even though I have a bit of raw food here and there or vegetarian dishes. It is always about what works for you. One size does not fit all. I can say I thoroughly enjoy my diet and the only time I feel to be missing out is when the waitress is trying to upsell me some ice-cream on a hot day on holiday.

Some useful links: – Many recipes online if you google menopause cake. However whole flaxseed won’t be as effective as ground linseed/flaxseed as otherwise passes straight through you – half of people find they get bloating or gas with ground linseed whereas oil may be okay. I did try ground flaxseed, had no side effects but only get the beneficial effects from taking 3 teaspoons of oil nearly daily as it seems it is the oils that work their magic for me. The biggest positive for me is no more 5 day untreatable debilitating headache with streaming nose/eyes at end of every period – funny but they only started when I went on pill which was supposed to help my endometriosis. – Will tell you the wonders of sage and offers other advice too. – Brilliant site for buying bath oils or other things you can add Sage Clary essential oil to, plus they’ll advise you on how much to add. Never use oils straight into the bath water.

I have four things that seem to work brilliantly (if I do them all that it is and don’t get tardy) for my extreme night sweats before my period which increased from one night to one week and then over New Year had during day too so got seriously into researching what to do about it as memory was falling apart too. My symptoms pointed to early peri-menopause so the research I did was geared toward menopausal hot flashes:
1) cooking with sage (Week prior to my period I get free range organic chicken legs which are very affordable, add salt, pepper and dried sage then roast them in oven for 35 mins – need to find a way to enjoy chicken and sage without the fatty skin really. Working on that one. Trying chicken escalopes in gluten free breadcumbs and sage tonight. Fresh sage would be even better I am sure.)
2) drinking nettle tea (Week prior to my period. Well it is 40% nettle in the Pukka brand ‘Cleanse’ tea blend which won the gold taste award and is delicious. Peppermint is known to cool your system down which has to be a good thing and also aids digestion.)
3) 20 mins reading a book while soaking in a bath of Sage Clary oil added to a base (Few nights before and after period starts. Reducing stress and relaxing help the menopause too apparently so really chill with this one.)
4) Daily 3 teaspoons of flaxseed oil mixed with vinegar (best vinegar is unpasterised apple cider vinegar with the mother/bits from heath stores which is brilliant for joint health and more on my salad generally helps hormone stability and has many many other benefits. “Because the hormone-balancing lignans and plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) in flaxseed help stabilise a woman’s estrogen-progesterone ratio, they can have beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle, and relieve the hot flashes of perimenopause and menopause.” – taken from and great for your husband’s prostate health too and burning fat etc etc etc. You need to buy high quality cold pressed flaxseed oil and only from a shop that refrigerates it as otherwise goes rancid and loses its properties, so must be kept in the fridge. Earth Foods in Southbourne have it in their fridge. Every single person, whatever age or sex, working in there takes flaxseed regularly!

In the last six months I’ve only had one night of mild night sweats. Think it is because I got lazy as everything has been working so well. Am most disciplined after suffering.

Being wheat free, refined sugar free, caffeine free and dairy free except for butter (on balance it is healthier that many alternatives plus makes things taste great) and live goat’s yoghurt (now making own so we can ferment for 24 hours to get all lactose out and goat’s milk is most easy animal milk to digest by the human body plus the probiotic element is so beneficial) is also part of avoiding headaches for me personally. Now only serious amounts of stress seem to give me a headache which is fantastic as they are now a rarity. Hurray! When I added refined sugar to my avoid list that’s when I started to see my saddle bags disappear. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! It was hard work getting here and therefore I’d like to share in case it helps others. I’m not sure what the key factors are but I do know the combination works for me.

To control my weight and to have a vehicle to take my flaxseed oil (because can’t be used on hot stuff, to cook food and tastes awful consumed by itself) either lunch or dinner 90% of the time for me is a salad. I’m someone that needs a handful of fish or animal protein a day to feel good plus when I cut out carbs and sugar that’s when I lose weight. Also I don’t have time working for myself to spend a long time preparing lunch therefore my salads are partly a cheat but delicious and healthy if not totally pure.

Normally I will descend on the kitchen for lunch feeling ravenously hungry as have not been able to tear myself away from answering emails etc and quickly mix:
– a ready bag of salad leaves washed in spring water
– a small tin of line caught tuna in Spring water or sustainable sourced Smoked Salmon small packet from Sainsburys or John West ready cooked peppered salmon strip (I know this has some sugar in it but I’m no martyr) or left over chicken etc from meal previous night
– some chopped or spiralised raw veggies
– topped with some seeds and my all time favourites are dry pan toasted pumpkin seeds for giving flavour, crunch and satisfaction to my salads
– finally of course my flaxseed oil and vinegar dressing mixed up that day in small glass
I vary my salads so I don’t get bored. Unless I am having a carby time of the month craving when my body demands I eat more I don’t add any cabrs so no bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, quinoa with this salad. Even before I read the metabollic typing book I knew I was a protein person.

I reckon the oily fish probably helps too. I have a friend who took Udo’s oil which contains flaxseed oil and swears it helped her lose weight. Something in this mix has really helped me lose weight too when before I tried lots of diets and got nowhere. Dumping sugar stopped me wanting to eat house and home. Now to my amazement I can get full halfway through my salad and I never thought that would ever happen. If I have not been having much salt (especially if I had a healthy smoothie or wholejuice for my breakfast) I sometimes mix a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt in with the oil and vinegar in the dressing as can get cramp otherwise and my body seems to tell me when I need it. I have really got to know my body very well which is just as well as it is very reactive to what I put in. My body is either a temple or a science laboratory.

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