How to make a cafe leche leche

When Kevin told me he also liked holidaying in Lanzarote I told him to try Cafe Leche Leche which my hubby very much enjoys. After coming home and discovering you can buy squeezy tubes of condensed milk (the magic ingredient) Kevin has perfected his own version:
– 1 shot Fortissio Lungo coffee if you have a Nespresso or otherwise a double espresso
– 1 shot hot milk
– 2 dessert spoons condensed milk (a squeezy tube of it lasts 3 weeks in the fridge so you need not worry about opening up a tin you won’t finish)

Kevin: “I always use the same amount of milk as coffee in this (which are both around 70ml) if you only want a short with a single espresso then adjust accordingly. And some folks like their coffee a little milkier or a little darker than me. But I would say, because of the condensed milk, always use a strong tasting coffee!”

Thanks for sharing the love KC!

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