Green smoothie – you have to try this gem. Yummy and super healthy.

Green smoothies are meant to be amazing for you and I have found a recipe I really like. You will not taste the spinach. You can even get kids to enjoy eating greens this way as this cute video from the everso inspiring Golubka blog testifies.

Benefits are that they are great way for Popeye to get his spinach (or kale) in a tasty way and according to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, “consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion”. You get fibre in this complete food, nutrients start getting into your body from when in your mouth, quick to make and tastes delicious. Regulars report great skin, great energy and without the cravings for processed or fatty or sugary foods – therefore you may lose weight too. What’s not to like?

Green smoothie

I was first introduced to green smoothies on a raw food workshop (I loved how Ruth explained that having one daily would make you feel really lovely) and that one was made with mango but I am a bit lazy so find them a faff to prepare, not all mangos taste that nice and when I have a big one can give me a headache or stomach upset (that’s just me personally – heaps of fruit and my body are not friends).
So I experimented with a few and have settled on this green smoothie recipe with coconut as my favourite which I have adapted slightly to suit and to not make too much. Pretty quick to prepare too. There are many more green smoothies on this website if it doesn’t float your boat.
  • 1 ripe (with spots) banana
  • 2 slices of frozen banana
  • 1 generous handful of spinach
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk (can use almond or rice milk etc too but I don’t advocate evil soy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/4-1/2 tablespoon coconut oil (according to how ‘coco-nutty’ you like it to be as this stuff packs a taste punch)
  • Pinch of cinnamon (optional)
TIPS: Let the frozen banana defrost a bit to be kind to your blender (yeah, even a BlendTec mega horsepower blender as we blew a hole out of a jug once with 3 bananas straight out of the freezer!).
Blitz it on fastest setting to ensure the spinach gets thoroughly blended. Coconut oil (usually the Groovy brand) is sold even in Tesco supermarket in the UK or health stores and comes in a jar. Looks like wax as is solid until heated and a wee bit packs a taste punch. One of the healthiest fats going. I put the banana in first, then the spinach as frozen anything near the coconut oil can make it harden up into small pilules.
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