BlendTec versus Vitamix

Well we chose the BlendTec after much research and head scratching. We’re glad we did from seeing our raw food teacher use a Vitamix in her ‘show, tell and taste’ class. The Vitamix does not suck down food and needs the dibber/plunger to push stuff onto the blade and it is harder to clean with its blade design. Having had the BlendTec that need to push food onto blades would bug us. Come on – it should be doing the work.

However the Vitamix is better for small amounts like turning macadamia nuts into a raw foodie’s sour cream as the jug has a narrower base. At the raw food workshop it did a good job of blending the food or making almond milk and may be quieter than the BlendTec.

The Vitamix didn’t have a model that fit under the kitchen wall cabinets when we bought it and Andrew reckons it is ugly, looking like someone knocked it up from sheet metal in their garage. BlendTec has programmes you can set easily. For us 1 we’ve set to wholejuices and 2 to smoothies.

Whichever one people own they seem to love it and are loyal to that brand. I still would not flip a coin. I’d go BlendTec all the way but they should warn you about not putting large amounts of frozen fruit in straight from the freezer as the BPA free jug (low on toxicity which is great) is really is not up to the job – we learnt the super hard way right after we got a new freezer which really did keep food at -18 degrees C. However I still vote BlendTec.

Both are a silly price so it is a big decision. Of course we can’t review from the point of view of owning both at those prices – sorry. If you’d like to know more about our BlendTec usage visit our kitchen tour page and scroll to the bottom.

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